Neuropathy Knee Pain

What Is Neuropathy Knee Pain

Going beyond knee pain relief, neuropathy knee pain is something far more serious. What is neuropathy knee pain? Neuropathy knee pain occurs when your knees are damaged to the point of being unable to have any sensation of pain. Why is this more dangerous than regular knee pain?

With regular knee pain, you can feel the pain and seek medical attention for knee pain relief. With neuropathy knee pain, you do not feel any pain and therefore, the damage caused may be far more serious. By the time you realise there is something wrong with your knees, it is too late and regular knee pain relief treatment is no longer enough. In such cases, people with neuropathy knee pain have to undergo surgery for knee joint replacement.

Neuropathy knee pain is not restricted to only the knees. This kind of silent pain can also occur in other parts of body including your hands, feet and other joints. There are several types of neuropathy, namely diabetic neuropathy, alcoholic neuropathy and knee neuropathy.

They all carry the same lack of sensation and similar symptoms of numbness or a tingling feeling in the fingers and toes. If you think you might be having such sensations, consult your doctor immediately for not only knee pain relief but for a thorough medical check up.